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Photo Gallery

Buffalo Light Lantern
Climbing the Tower
Conserving the Lens
Buffalo Lighthouse Tour
South Buffalo Light
1833 Tower Interior
Cormorant Lynching, Horseshoe Reef
Lighthouse Visitors
Niagara Concert Band at Lighthouse Point
The Christmas Light
1833 Lighthouse and Bottle Lightpg
Tall Ships in Port
Across the River
Jazz at the Lighthouse
LH point tours
A very close passage
Lighthouse Tours
Bike Tour
Tall Ships Festival
South Buffalo Light Station
South Buffalo Lantern
Fog Horn Reflector, South Buffalo
Christmas Detail
Jazz at the Lighthouse
Stormy Weather
Basil Port of Call: Buffalo!
South Buffalo Stairs
Buffalo Light circa 1870
Lighthouse Pier
Harper's Magazine, 1886
South Buffalo Light 1911
Lighthouse sunset
Buffalo Lighthouse Lantern
South Buffalo Light Station
Lighthouse Tours
Endangered Horseshoe Reef Lighthouse
Bridal Reverie
The 1818 Lighthouse Keeper's Wife, by Ray Massey
Removing a Lens
Installing the Lens
Tall Ships
Lighthouse Point

Photos taken with permission. Countless memories have been made at the Buffalo Lighthouse, and these are a glimpse into the wonder that an experience at the Point brings. 

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