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Lightships L.V. 82, L.V. 96 and L.V. 98

Sometime during the hurricane-force Great Storm of 1913, a light went out far on the lake. Light Vessel 82, anchored near Point Abino to mark the approaches to Buffalo Harbor, was driven under by the merciless pounding of the waves. Only one of its six drowned crewmen ever was found.

L.V. 96 and L.V. 98 would take its place, but the station was discontinued in 1918 after Point Abino Light was built. The photos show L.V. 82 (below), and L.V. 96 (right).


Light Tenders Haze and Crocus

When Lighthouse Point still was home to the Lighthouse Service headquarters and Lighthouse Depot for the eastern Great Lakes, ships servicing the lighthouses of the district were home-ported here. Among them were Haze, in the Civil War era, and Crocus, stationed here later and longer.

A variety of other vessels also used the docks here, and in the Coast Guard era the icebreaking tugs USCGC Ojibwa and USCGC Arundel were stationed here. Pictured from left are Crocus, Haze and a lifeboat from Lifesaving Service Station No. 5.

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